This website was created on July 22, 1994. The earliest recorded Yandall event is the birth of John Yandall in 1757. Lots of Yandalls around the planet and here's the launching pad of this commercial version of the website. Back in 1994, nobody really had much knowledge of where the web was going. I took it upon myself to secure the domain and now in the next century here, it has become obvious it was not a bad idea! The YANDALL family reunion is this summer 2009 in July. Lot's of Yandall Stores for goodies related to the good YANDALL name! Grab some shirts or whatnots! - webadmin cYask8

Virginia Tagaloa and Joan Prosch would like to recognize Uncle Eki Sr., and Uncle Joe Sr. for their knowledge, patience, enthusiasm, and support in fitting the puzzles of the family tree together. Also,they are so grateful to have met Emma Henare, our Yandall cousin all the way from New Zealand. Emma helped too in supplying some very important pieces to the family tree puzzle. Moreover, meeting up with Emma was a very big help because through Emma Henare we received an enormous amount of family tree information that William and Mema Yandall had collected throughout the many Yandall family gatherings in New Zealand.


Patrick/Marla Lika Chris

"Faith does not shackle the creative imagination, neither does it maintain an unreasoning prejudice toward the discoveries of scientific investigation. Faith vitalizes religion and constrains the religionist heroically to live the golden rule. The zeal of faith is according to knowledge, and its strivings are the preludes to sublime peace."

Remembering Our Beloved Passed
Jimmy Jr, Jimmy Yandall, Sheri Yandall, Kathy Yandall and Patricia Yandall